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I'm Natassia. I am so glad you chose to visit my site today. I am a fine art photographer based out of Austin, TX. I also shoot portraits of all types and enjoy capturing aspects of the natural world I find most interesting.. 


My focus is on interesting light and composition, and I have a fascination with perspective; how a subject can appear vastly different depending on the light, angle, and framing of a shot. I hope my resulting works are emotional and technical at once with captivating shadows, shapes, lines, and color play.

I believe art is the visual expression of the human experience reflected to the world and my purpose is to show my unique viewpoint captured through the camera lens. I hope that through my art others can relate to their world in new ways which promote understanding of the self while encouraging connection to others and the surrounding environment.


Perspective is a big part of my photographic journey. I am fascinated by the way the same subject can appear vastly different depending on the light, angle, and framing.

So, I hope you will appreciate some of my perspectives as you meander through my tiny corner of the web. Every photo you see here is available for purchase and print in any size on any material. I am happy to suggest options when we chat about the images you would like to display.

When you book with me, I offer a free consultation to get a clear view of your vision for the shoot. We will get to know each other a bit and brainstorm ideas for how we can make you feel alive and look amazing in front of the lens. Each shoot is unique and I want to make sure my clients have a great time AND get great photos. Do you have a special destination in mind? I love to travel near and far. Let me know what your dreams are so we can help each other make them come true!

I'd love to connect if you would like to set up a session, commission a print, or volunteer as a model. I can't wait to hear from you! Please shoot me an email or submit the form below.

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